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MIchael Goodell


Mary Northcutt


Matthew Goodell


Emily Goodell


Nora Goodell (and Mason)



Who We Are

Amoritas Vineyards

It started with wine tasting…

A Dream Realized

Many years ago, throughout the course of many a wine tasting, the idea was first generated that we could start a winery.  What once began as a spark in the form of curious hopes, was kindled by the forces of education and opportunity, and now burns brightly as a beacon of passionate dedication.  We’ve been growing ever since!

Michael, Emily, and Matthew Goodell carry the torch of entrepreneurial wine industrialism, originally lit by deceased wife & mother, Mary Northcutt, into the forefront of Michigan farmers and winemakers.  Along with Matthew’s wife Nora, the team has forged ahead tirelessly.  Pursuing a goal to craft clean, delicate, and delicious wines.  Wines created from grapes planted, nurtured, and harvested by hand on Michigan’s Leelanau Peninsula.

A personal experience

The Goodell family has spent an abundance of time, sweat, tears, and money in order to launch their vineyard and wine tasting room.  But we’re not complaining!  We are proud to have our hard work pay off in the form of tremendous products and unforgettable customers.

At least one family member will be present in the tasting room or vineyard at all times.  All of us are most eager to share our trials and tribulations with anyone who cares to listen!  So grab a glass and relax, make some friends, and enjoy the fruits of our labors.

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