Where It Begins

In the heart of Leelanau

A Virtual Vineyard tour

Named after the street on which it is located, Amore Road, Amoritas Vineyards encompasses 150 acres of gently sloping hills, grassy valleys, and lush forest terrain.  Originally a Homestead owned by the Amore family, the property now produces several varietals of wine grapes.  These grapes are carefully grown on thirteen acres of sustainably farmed and trellised land.  Follow along for a virtual vineyard tour.

The entrance passes over a gently winding stream which flows through the site of the original barn building.  This stream is surrounded by wild native flowering plants and is teeming with life.  Just up the drive you pass through a hand-built stone wall made of stones sourced entirely from the property, and along the right side of the road is a beautiful rock & flower garden, envisioned and planted by Mary Northcutt.   Progress up the serpentine road and you’ll pass our winery, and equipment building, before entering the lower vineyard, Mary’s Folly.

Close by, but with an additional ninety feet of elevation is the upper vineyard, which we call Rose Crest.  Our screened-in gazebo affords panoramic views of Leelanau County. It is the perfect place to enjoy a glass of Amoritas Vineyards wine in the shade.  From the high vantage point of this field, you are afforded the breathtaking view of Lake Leelanau. Catch a glimpse on our Instagram.

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